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The Importance of Green Cleaning for Westmoreland County, PA, Business Owners and School Administrators

December 6th, 2016 · No Comments

You’ve heard about the importance of green cleaning time and time again.

You need to keep your Westmoreland County, PA, office space or school clean—and green cleaning would be nice—but you figure that the cost, time, and effort it takes to switch to an environmentally-friendly cleaning solution isn’t worth the trouble.

Today, the professional cleaning experts at ServiceMaster Professional Building Maintenance want to stress the importance of green cleaning, while at the same time explaining why the switch won’t be as difficult as you think.


The Obvious Importance of Green Cleaning

Our planet needs our help. Although we may not necessarily feel the effects of climate change, our grandchildren and their children might.

It’s difficult to think about the future when you’re tied up in the many tasks you need to deal with in the present, but in some shape or form, the people who came before you contributed to where you are now. It’s time to pay it forward.


Green Cleaning Is Cost Effective

Green cleaning is often encumbered by the belief that it’s much more expensive. After all, if there were a similar priced product that helped the environment, we’d all choose it, right?

The reason why many people don’t choose green cleaning is simply because they don’t know how cost effective and efficient it is compared to traditional cleaning.

Now you know.


We’ll Help You Transition

Maybe you’re taking a do-it-yourself approach to keeping your office clean, or maybe you’re working with a janitorial company to provide cleaning for your school.

Either way, if you contact us to provide green cleaning services, we’ll make the transition as seamless as possible.

Our team provides fast response service, so we’ll be ready to pick up where you left off.

We’re equipped to handle cleaning for all types of buildings and situations, so we’ll be able to jump in and get to work as soon as possible.

Now that you know the importance of green cleaning—and that it’s easy to switch—give us a call at (412) 372-7771.


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