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Why Commercial Carpet Care is the Best Option for Butler County, PA, Building Owners

December 5th, 2016 · No Comments

Do you own or manage a large commercial building with carpeting in Butler County, PA?

Has it been a while since your carpets were professionally cleaned? Have you ever had them professionally cleaned?

As a business owner or manager, you know the appearance of your business matters. But, if you own a large building with a lot of carpeting, the decisions regarding your carpet aren’t always easy.

Your carpets can reach a point where they become unsightly. You basically have three options when this happens; you can invest in commercial carpet care, replace them, or do nothing.

Today we want to discuss each of these options and show you why commercial carpet care is the right choice for you.

If you do nothing, your carpets will continue to get worse. Carpets with stains may seem inconvenient, at best, but they speak to the quality of your business, even to the point where they can have a negative impact.

When people visit your building, they’ll be unimpressed, or worse, turned away. A potential client might judge your abilities and company on the appearance of your carpet and conclude you don’t treat your customers any better.

You can make the decision to have your carpets replaced. Yes, new carpeting looks absolutely amazing, but carpet replacement comes at a huge cost.

Which leads us to your third, and in our opinion, best option. Ask yourself this simple question; if you could enjoy the same level of quality and appearance as replacement carpet for far less money, would you give it a try?

ServiceMaster Professional Building Maintenance has been providing the best in commercial carpet care for many, many years. Trust us when we tell you we’ve seen everything imaginable when it comes to dirty, stained carpets. And trust us when we say we can completely clean, revive, and refresh even the worst carpeting imaginable.

While you may consider renting equipment, and cleaning the carpets in your Butler County, PA, business yourself, you’ll find that professional commercial carpet cleaning is the better investment. Rather than wasting time and energy, dragging around a rental machine that may not remove tough stains, allow the experts at ServiceMaster Professional Building Maintenance to do the heavy lifting and get your carpets clean the first time.

Out of the three options, commercial carpet care performed by ServiceMaster Professional Building Maintenance saves you the most time and money. Commercial carpet care creates a clean and welcoming environment, makes for a healthier facility, and actually prolongs the life of your carpeting, all of which boost your profitability and bottom line.

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