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Commercial Floor Cleaning Provides Safety and Beauty for Washington County, PA, Businesses

October 14th, 2016 · No Comments

As a business owner, you care about the working conditions you provide for your employees. After all, they’re the life-blood of your business.

At ServiceMaster Professional Building Maintenance, we want to help you ensure a safe work place and avoid potential accidents, which is why we’re proud to provide commercial floor cleaning services to businesses in Washington County, PA.

Today we’re going to talk about safety measures you can take to avoid slips and falls in the workplace, and show you how our commercial floor cleaning services can help prevent these unfortunate accidents.

Common reasons for slips and falls in the workplace include:

  • Floors with a large amount of accumulated dust
  • Loose carpeting with uneven surfaces
  • Change between types of surfaces while walking
  • Snow, ice, and slush on floors during winter
  • Loose electrical cords on flooring

Some safety tips to avoid slips and falls in the workplace are:

  • Making sure mats are placed in appropriate areas to avoid slippage
  • Requiring employees to wear slip resistant shoes
  • Checking for hazardous obstructions on flooring and correcting them
  • Taking appropriate commercial floor cleaning measures

The last point brings us to the service we provide, which has a two-fold benefit.

The Best of Both Worlds – Why Your Washington County, PA, Business Needs Commercial Floor Cleaning

First is the safety of your employees. It’s imperative to your business, and you simply want to make sure they can’t be harmed. Our commercial floor cleaning services will make your floors more slip resistant, thus mitigating the possibility of an accident.

Second is the fact your floors will look great. The atmosphere of your working conditions affects the moods of the people in the building. Your employees will feel better and work harder knowing their working conditions are safe and excellently maintained.

To learn more about commercial floor cleaning services for your Washington County, PA, business, just give us a call at (412) 372-7771.


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