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Specialized Services Provided With Post-Construction Cleaning in Butler County, PA

September 2nd, 2016 · No Comments

The results of construction or remodeling can be a pleasing alteration for your company’s image. It can also benefit your business in other ways by improving the energy-efficiency and functional capacities of your building systems. However, without proper cleanup of the construction site, the debris left behind can mar any advantages the construction provided. To prevent this debris from affecting your building, you can rely on ServiceMaster Professional Building Maintenance for comprehensive post-construction cleaning in Butler County, PA.

Not only are our expert technicians trained to handle large scale cleanup after a construction project, they are also able to treat your building with special post-construction cleaning services that work to complete the cleanup process without leaving behind potentially-damaging materials.

Floor Finishing: Whether your business has hardwood, stone, tile, or any other type of hard surface flooring, our technicians can fully dust and seal your new floors or treat any of your old floors exposed to the construction site.

Floor Cleaning: If necessary, we can perform professional floor cleaning services before or after the construction is finished. This prevents sawdust, metal shavings, paint splatters, and other residual construction particles from affecting your flooring in the short term and long-term. It also improves your company’s indoor air quality and maintains your workplace as a healthy environment.

Window Cleaning: Not only can our expert window cleaning services leave your windows clean and clear of dirt, dust, and mold, a comprehensive window cleaning can also give your energy efficiency a boost. Clean windows can improve the function of your heating, cooling, and air filtration systems, saving your company from maintenance costs in the long-term.

Deep Carpet Cleaning: Your carpet fibers act as passive filters for the air surrounding them, collecting dust, mold spores, and other particles from the air. In the case of a post-construction environment, your carpet also collects toxic residues left from the construction process. A professional deep cleaning is the best way to stop the damage to your carpets and indoor air quality that a construction site can pose.

A new addition or renovation to your business is often a welcome change, but keep in mind the cleanup process that must go with it. The best thing you can do for your building is to contact ServiceMaster Professional Building Maintenance at (412) 372-7771 for post-construction cleaning in Butler County, PA.


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