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Hazardous Materials in the Workplace and Why Janitorial Services in Beaver County, PA, Are Important for Workplace Safety

July 10th, 2016 · No Comments

Keeping the workplace safe for employees and customers should be one of the top priorities of any business. Without a safe space to work, the functionality of a workspace can decrease considerably, and in almost all situations, cleanliness and safety go hand in hand. Placing great importance on upholding a clean workspace is one of the best ways to prevent the development of dangerous conditions. ServiceMaster Professional Building Maintenance provides comprehensive janitorial services in Beaver County, PA, to keep your business clean and safe.

Routine cleanings in the workplace play a large role in preventing hazardous materials from affecting indoor conditions. For example, regular cleaning and interior maintenance can neutralize the following hazards:

Materials With Toxic Effects: These harmful materials include non-biological hazards that are toxic to those exposed.

Immediate: These include materials like acids or fumes that have an immediate toxic effect on those exposed.

Other: These include any other materials that have a toxic effect but do not immediately cause severe damage to those exposed—for example, asbestos or other non-biological carcinogens.

Flammable Materials: These materials are flammable or otherwise combustible. They can include anything from aerosol cans and cleaning fluids to motor oil and gasoline.

Biohazards: Biohazardous materials are organisms that can cause harm to those exposed. These kinds of hazards are inevitable in every workplace in some capacity. Microbes like the common cold and flu virus are rarely recognized as biohazards, but they are included in this category, along with Ebola, Zikka, and West Nile.

Corrosive Materials: Some materials, such as concentrated acids and strong bases, are extremely corrosive or abrasive to skin and other organic materials. Oftentimes these substances are also corrosive to inorganic building materials. Without immediate neutralization, these materials can cause serious injury to yourself and physical damage to your building.

Volatile and Reactive Materials: In some workplaces, highly volatile materials are present, and if any of these materials are improperly contained, severely hazardous conditions could arise.

With comprehensive janitorial services in Beaver County, PA, you can prevent these hazardous materials from affecting your business. Contact ServiceMaster Professional Building Maintenance today at 412.372.7771 for more information.


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