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The Benefits of Professional School Cleaning Over the Summer in Westmoreland County, PA

May 8th, 2016 · No Comments

As the school year comes to a close and the excitement of the impending summer brims in students and staff alike, administration and management may have other things on their minds. The summer is the best time of year to give school buildings the restoration and deep cleaning they need. This summer, take advantage of a comprehensive school cleaning in Westmoreland County, PA with ServiceMaster Professional Building Maintenance.

While regular cleanings are an important part of school maintenance, a deep cleaning each summer provides benefits that may have been neglected during routine, superficial cleanings.

Student and Staff Safety: Deep cleanings over the summer often play a large role in keeping students and staff safe throughout each school year.

Allergens: Summer cleanings help eliminate the presence of allergens accumulated throughout the school year. This includes dust mites, dander, mold, bacteria, and many other contaminating particles.

Green Cleaning: We take pride in offering green cleaning with our janitorial services. For schools, this means chemicals that are potentially dangerous to children are replaced with natural cleaning products.

Cleaning the Sweet Spots: Many areas of a building are not reached with routine cleanings, and a deep cleaning over the summer will treat these spots with the care they need.

Hard Surface Floors: Waxing, refinishing, treating grout, and deep cleaning hard surface floors happens only once or twice a year for many schools.

Windows: Thorough window cleaning over the summer can improve energy consumption and provide a clean, welcoming space for when students return.

Carpets: While carpets are vacuumed quite often in most schools, a deep cleaning is an infrequent occasion. Shampooing and conditioning your carpets each summer can significantly increase their longevity and maintain their quality.

Preventative Maintenance: Routine cleanings in any capacity maintain many aspects of a school and prevent dangers and damages in the long term.

Mold Growth: Mold spores are present virtually everywhere, and in the right conditions they can quickly colonize and spread. A deep cleaning over the summer can keep mold out of school kitchens, bathrooms, basements, and other damp areas.

Sterilization: Harmful bacteria is also prevalent in many places in schools. Cleaning over the summer can

give students a safe, healthy environment to return to in the fall.

For more information about our comprehensive educational cleaning services in Westmoreland, PA, contact ServiceMaster Professional Building Maintenance at 412.372.7771 today.


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