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Vacuuming vs. Dust Mopping: Better Hard Surface Care With Professional Comprehensive Floor Cleaning in Westmoreland, PA

April 20th, 2016 · No Comments

When it comes to maintaining a professional image for your business, cleanliness and care are the first steps in all situations. Even the most expensive and luxurious interior design plan can become unappealing without routine cleanings, and likewise, even low-end decor becomes far more respectable if it is well-cared for and pristine. For routine cleanings of all hard surface floor types, ServiceMaster Professional Building Maintenance offers comprehensive floor cleaning in Westmoreland County, PA.

The benefits of hard surface flooring for your business can rapidly diminish if routine cleaning is neglected or poorly done over an extended period of time. Whether you’ve chosen hardwood, vinyl, ceramic tile, or stone for your business’s interior feng shui, there will always be an optimal method when it comes to cleaning.

For years, many cleaners have approached cleaning hard surface floors with a drydust mop in hand. Today, however, vacuuming as a healthier and more effective cleaning method is becoming popular—and for good reason.

Dangers of Dust Mopping:

While dust mopping appears to contain the dirt and dust on hard surface floors, there is often a significant amount of microscopic dust particles left behind. These dust particles will gradually collect and can become abrasive, scratching and damaging floor finishes and surface polishes.

These particles also pose a threat to the health of those exposed to a dusty indoor environment. Dust particles themselves are classified as allergens, but there are also mold spores and other contaminants mixed in with dust left behind. These particulates are often harmful to the respiratory and cardiovascular systems, causing symptoms from itchy eyes and coughs to asthma and cancer.

Why Vacuuming is Better:

Vacuuming is simply a much more effective method of cleaning. It fully contains dust particles and mold spores at a microscopic level. Not only does vacuuming protect the health of those who interact with your floors every day, but it also keeps hard surfaces cleaner and protects them from dust abrasion in the long term.

For comprehensive, expert hard surface floor cleaning in Westmoreland County, PA, contact ServiceMaster Professional Building Maintenance at 412.372.7771.



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