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Types of Hard-Surface Flooring Treated with Janitorial Services in Butler County, PA

April 6th, 2016 · No Comments

When it comes to your professional image, hard-surface flooring can significantly improve your business appearance. From ceramic to hardwood, your floors are an important part of interior design. But choosing your flooring is only the beginning. To truly maintain your floors, regular cleanings are vital. ServiceMaster Professional Building Maintenance provides comprehensive hard-surface floor cleaning with our janitorial services in Butler County, PA.

With the many types of flooring available, there are specific cleaning methods to go with each. We specialize in cleaning each type of hard-surface flooring, including:

Hardwood: One of the most popular kinds of hard-surface flooring, hardwood is also one that demands the most delicate care. Too much water and detergent can cause warping, while too little moisture can leave it cracking and peeling. Cleaning hardwood floors comes down to a science and the perfect balance.

Natural: Many types of natural flooring are manufactured to fit as tiles and perfected as mattes, satins, or glosses. Two common types of natural flooring include:

Ceramic: Porcelain, stoneware, and other forms of highgrade clay are a versatile, durable option for tile flooring. However, clay is a porous material, and the grout used to seal ceramic tiles to your floors can easily develop mold growths and look grimy. Our technicians keep your ceramic tiles looking new with regular mold-zapping cleaning services.

Stone: While stone can provide a variety of looks from sleek obsidian to rugged granite, there are similar drawbacks to ceramic. Most stone is set with grout and can grow mold just like other forms of tile when regular cleanings are neglected.

Synthetic: Manmade types of flooring offer the advantage of being cost-effective and durable. The most prevalent kinds of hard-surface flooring today include:

Linoleum: Made from recycled composite materials, linoleum is installed on top of a floor or inlaid for a longer-lasting, albeit more expensive, install. However, even the best linoleum can fade, bubble, and peel without proper treatment.

Vinyl: As a form of rubber PVC, vinyl tiles are resilient, long-lasting, and economical. It is possible for this type of flooring to deteriorate quickly with rough cleaning or consistent neglect.

To maintain your hard-surface flooring investment, contact ServiceMaster Professional Building Maintenance at 412.372.7771 for more information about our janitorial services in Butler County, PA.



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