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Pros and Cons of Underlying Padding Types for Optimal Pairing With Carpet Cleaning in Beaver County, PA

January 19th, 2016 · No Comments

The regular upkeep of your carpet is a valid concern when it comes to maintaining a healthy, clean indoor environment in your business. Choosing a well-matched, quality underlying pad for your carpet can play a large role in protecting your investment. The right pad can reduce the need for regular cleanings and make professional cleanings more effective in the long term. At ServiceMaster Professional Building Maintenance, we provide expert carpet cleaning in Beaver County, PA.

Wool or Synthetic Fiber Pads are commonly paired with commercial carpeting. These pads are dense enough to prevent damage from wrinkling and stretching in areas of heavy foot traffic. Despite their density, wool and synthetic pads breathe well enough to keep bacteria and mold from creating odors, while maintaining a low absorbency rate. Most synthetic pads are also designed with anti-microbial qualities

Rebond Pads are multi-material pads made from recycled components. They are offered in various thicknesses and densities that fit with most carpet types. Though it is often used in residential settings, it pairs well with commercial carpets in low-traffic areas. The price of rebond depends on the specifications of the density and the thickness. Higher grade rebond with better-quality recycled materials will cost more than other grades. Your padding grade should match the grade of your carpet for optimal pairing.

Foam (urethane) Padding is one of the cheaper varieties available, sometimes even coming free with a carpet purchase. While foam padding can work well for the first year, most don’t last beyond three years. It’s possible to purchase prime urethane, a more expensive, better quality foam that will last longer than low grade urethane.

Specialty Pads are much more expensive than most pad types, and their design can often work against your carpet health. Though specialty pads are meant to eliminate odors and prevent stains from sinking in, their extremely low absorbency can keep spills and other liquids pooled on the surface until they eventually seep into the carpet fibers.

Choosing the right pad for your carpet can change the need for and the effects of a professional carpet cleaning. For more information about our expert carpet cleaning in Beaver County, PA, contact ServiceMaster Professional Building Maintenance by giving us a call at 412.372.7771.


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