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Most Frequent Causes of Floods Demanding Water Damage Restoration in Pittsburg, PA

December 19th, 2015 · No Comments

With the warmer weather Pennsylvania has seen regularly this winter, the chances of natural flooding have increased in most areas. This escalated danger, along with the always-present risks of flooding from plumbing failures and other sources, keeps us on our toes at ServiceMaster Professional Building Maintenance, providing emergency water damage restoration in Pittsburg, PA.

Some of the most frequent causes of flooding in Pittsburg homes and businesses stem from the city’s location on the Allegheny Plateau.

 River-related flooding: The Ohio River, the Allegheny River, and the Monongahela River all run directly through Pittsburg, and a large number of Pittsburg’s neighborhoods are situated along or near this trio of rivers. This close proximity to natural bodies of water causes much of the city to be at risk of natural flooding. During the spring rains and in the warmer winter months when snow cyclically accumulates and melts, the rise in the water levels of all three rivers further increases the chances of a flood. Some neighborhoods—including the business districts, Elliot, Troy Hill, Chateau, North and South Shore, Bluff, and other areas like Herr’s Island and Brunot Island—are most at risk of natural floods.

 Snow melt runoff: In the spring when harsher winters create a build-up of snow, the melting buildup can run through streets, over soggy ground, and fill the rivers. Overall, snow melt runoff can flood large areas of the city, including basements of homes and businesses. It also increases the risks of overflow in the rivers.

 Hillside failures: With melting snow, heavy rains, summer storms, and swollen rivers, even pavement-covered hills can become soaked and begin to erode. With too much water, hillsides can crumble and mudslides, debris, and floodwaters can damage your building. Even urban landscapes can experience flash floods from hillside erosion.

 Sewage back-ups and plumbing failures: This is a common cause of building flooding year round. In the winter, pipes can freeze and burst, flooding basements, crawlspaces, kitchens, and bathrooms. At any time of year, sump pumps and septic tanks can fail or crack. Our emergency lines answer flood calls due to plumbing failure 24/7/365.

For water damage restoration in Pittsburg, PA after a natural or building-related flood, contact us at ServiceMaster Professional Building Maintenance.


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