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Approaching Different Carpet Types with Professional Carpet Cleaning in Pittsburg, PA

December 12th, 2015 · No Comments

Picking the right carpet for your business may be trickier than you think. You want a carpet that looks professional and aesthetically pleasing, holds up to traffic, and cleans easily. With our experience, we know at ServiceMaster Professional Building Maintenance what makes the optimal choice for a long-term investment through each carpet cleaning in Pittsburg, PA.

When choosing a carpet, there are a few things to keep in mind. The two common carpet types available are loop pile and cut pile. Loop pile fibers are connected at both ends to the carpet base, while cut piles are looped and cut to create two loose fibers.

Looped pile types:

  • Level loop carpets (Berber) have tight, closely-set fibers that endure heavy traffic well. The tighter fibers trap out large dirt particles, but it can be difficult to remove smaller particles from below the fiber tops.
  • Multi-level loop carpets have fibers looped at different lengths to create texture. Since most multi-level loops are also patterned, these carpets are king at hiding dirt and stains.
  • Cut and loop carpets combine pile types for texture. These carpets don’t hold up to traffic as well as level looped, but they are optimal for easy cleaning.

 Cut pile types:

  • Textured cuts hide dirt and fiber damage similarly to multi-level loops but will still collect allergens and need regular cleaning.
  • Cabled piles use thicker, softer fibers, but don’t hold up as well to distress as their cousins. These carpets are pleasant to have in the home, but may not be right for a high-traffic setting.
  • Plush piles are evenly cut and create a smooth, precise surface. The even tops show damage and trap dirt more readily than others.
  • Saxony carpets are made similarly to plush, but the fibers are longer and often twisted. Because the fibers are so long, they can reveal footprints and damage quickly; they aren’t ideal for commercial settings.
  • Frieze piles are recognized in the form of shag carpets, but it’s possible to find a short frieze cut that works well in high-traffic settings and is easy to clean.

While it’s impossible to find a carpet you never have to clean, there are some choices that offer great durability, hide immediate dirt, and may be ideal for your business. For any carpet you choose, contact us at ServiceMaster Professional Building Maintenance for routine carpet cleaning in Pittsburg, PA.


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