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Carpet Cleaning Makes Healthier Office Buildings In Pittsburgh, PA

October 27th, 2015 · No Comments

As the weather cools down, you may notice a chorus of coughs and sniffles throughout your office building. Dust, pollen, and dirt follow your co-workers into the building and are ground into the carpeting with every step. When winter arrives, road salt and slush will add to the mix, leading to potential water damage and mold growth. If your carpets are not properly maintained, all the dust, dirt, and allergens will collect in the carpet fibers and find their way into the air, creating poor indoor air quality and increased health problems within your office building. Count on the ServiceMaster Professional Building Maintenance team to keep everyone at your Pittsburgh, PA office healthy with our professional carpet cleaning services.

Without an established carpet maintenance routine, everyone in your office building is exposed to a higher risk of health problems. We recommend vacuuming your office carpeting daily to keep the dirt and debris under control. High traffic areas may benefit from vacuuming twice a day. Do-it-yourself cleaning is often not enough. A professional carpet cleaning company will be more effective thanks to specialty training and commercial-grade products and equipment. We offer regular carpet cleaning services in commercial facilities. We perform preventative services including vacuuming and lifting stains by using green cleaning methods and products.

While daily vacuuming is a must, we suggest deep-cleaning your carpeting only twice a year. More frequent deep-cleaning will actually cause your carpets to fade and suffer other damages. Our carpet cleaning services include deep-cleaning using a hot water extraction method that features clean, hot water and advanced carpet cleaning equipment. We use our expertise to remove the dirt and contaminants that have been ground deepest into the carpet fibers.

A clean office building means healthier, happier co-workers, a more productive business, and a comfortable environment for your visiting clients. Trust your office building’s carpeting to ServiceMaster Professional Building Maintenance and our carpet cleaning services for businesses in Pittsburgh, PA and the surrounding communities. Give us a call. 


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