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Avoid Particulates During Your Remodel with Proper Construction Cleaning in Pittsburgh, PA

June 26th, 2015 · No Comments

During summer months, construction projects are everywhere. Whether your office is getting an entire remodel or rebuild of a specific area, a construction team will leave plenty of debris around. Particulates quickly fill the air, causing a potentially hazardous work environment. As a construction cleanup company, ServiceMaster Clean® wants to take a moment to explain the hazards associated with a construction site and how Pittsburgh business owners can minimize the risks to their employees and customers.

First, we would like to help explain what particulates are, and how they affect the body. The Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety has provided the following explanation:

What are particulates?

Particulates can be solids or liquids that are distributed in a gas form. This term is also known as dust, mist, or fumes that have been suspended into the office air. During a construction project, it is very common that sawdust, paint fumes, and other debris are released into the air. To minimize business disruption, workplaces often remain functional during remodels. Unfortunately, this creates a greater risk of people breathing in the particulates and chemicals and may have ill effects on their health.

How do particulates get into the lungs?

Particles enter the lungs through inhalation. If they are in the air, there is good chance you’ll breathe them in. The problem is that you won’t even notice it at first, since the particulates are in gas form. Depending on the size, shape, and density of the particulate, it may make its way further into the air passages of the respiratory tract.

What reactions can you have from particulates in the lungs?

It all depends on the toxicity, size, density, and location where the particulate is deposited. Dust in the nose, for example, can cause inflammation of the mucous membrane. Substantial particles that reach the larger air passages can cause inflammation of the trachea (tracheitis) or bronchi (bronchitis). In more serious cases, particulates can tear and scar lung tissue that can impair lung function.

To avoid particulates getting into the airways of employees and customers, you’ll want to ensure that the particulates are removed properly. A professional construction cleaning company has the tools and know-how to remove hazardous materials from the air. Debris can be cleaned up thoroughly to eliminate the risk of exposure.

Construction crews are charged with successfully remodeling your facility, but leave the cleanup to the cleaning professionals. ServiceMaster Clean provides construction cleanup in Pittsburgh, PA and the surrounding area. Contact us today to schedule our services for your upcoming construction project.


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