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ServiceMaster Clean® Examines Floor Cleaning in Pittsburgh

June 3rd, 2015 · No Comments

When choosing what type of flooring to use in your business facility, you may want to consider the cleaning and maintenance needed for each. While both carpeting and hardwood flooring have their aesthetic advantages, the cleaning processes vary dramatically. ServiceMaster Clean® is one of the experts of floor cleaning in Pittsburgh, PA and we’d like you to have some general information at hand before installing your new flooring. That way you can enjoy the look and feel of your floors without being blindsided by the maintenance needed in the future.

Carpet Cleaning Needs (Pros and Cons)

Pros-Many companies like carpeting because they offer a greater variety of colors, patterns and styles to choose from. This allows the business to create a space that is more unique to their facility. Clients also respond well to carpeting because it is quiet and makes for a cozier, warmer space in colder months. In terms of cleaning, carpeting has the advantage of hiding dirt and debris a lot better than hard surface flooring. Therefore, carpets tend to need cleaning a lot less often.

Cons- While carpet cleaning is needed less frequently, the cleaning process itself can be more difficult and/or tiresome. Debris and dirt doesn’t just stay in the top layers of fibers where they are easily vacuumed away. You have to use stronger equipment to get to the dirt that is deeply embedded in the lower levels of the carpet fibers. Stains are also an issue with carpeting. If not taken care of soon after the spill, staining can become permanent and unsightly. Also, carpets do not last as long as hard surface flooring due to discoloration, matting and fraying. You may be replacing your carpeting a lot earlier than desired if it’s not properly maintained.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning Needs (Pros and Cons)

Pros-Hardwood floors are very popular in commercial buildings because they appear more modern and last for a long time. Hardwood floors can last for decades if properly cleaned and occasionally refinished. Hard surface flooring is a lot easier to clean. Dirt, debris, and spills can be cleaned up quickly with sweeping, vacuuming, and/or spot mopping. Wood doesn’t stain, so you wouldn’t have to worry about long-lasting spots on your flooring.

Cons- Since there are no fibers to hide debris, hard surface floors need to be cleaned far more often. Ideally, you should be sweeping or vacuuming your hardwood floors every other day, if not daily. Hardwood floors also show scuffing and scraping, which is not seen in carpeting. These areas would have to be spot mopped and/or buffed in more severe cases.

Despite the flooring type that you choose, it will require a maintenance and cleaning program to keep it lasting as long as possible. For both carpet cleaning and hardwood floor cleaning in Pittsburgh, PA, give the certified technicians of ServiceMaster Clean® a call. Your floor is unique to your business and we’ll treat it that way! Be sure to ask how we can customize your floor cleaning plan to fit your budget and specific needs.


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