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Pets in the Office May Cause a Greater Need for Ongoing Carpet Cleaning for Pittsburgh Businesses

May 5th, 2015 · No Comments

Did you know that roughly 20% of companies in the United States allow employees to bring pets to the office? According to the American Pet Products Manufacturer Association, there has been a major increase in pet-friendly facilities in the last few years. While studies have found that having cats and dogs in the workplace can improve teamwork and job satisfaction, there are some messier downsides that inevitably follow. Your carpets, hard surface flooring and furniture are at risk of staining and emitting odors, thanks to your furry friends. Due to these risks, you may want to consider an ongoing floor and carpet cleaning plan for your Pittsburgh, PA business.

The team at ServiceMaster Clean® encourages you to keep your beloved pets at your office. We do, however, want to make sure that your flooring does not suffer in the process. Here are some of the ways that your pet can have a negative impact at the workplace.

Tracking in…
Puppy paws may be cute, but they’re also great transporters for dirt, grass, bugs, or other soils and filth to get indoors. Paws can contain more soil for longer than most work shoes, so it is easy to drag dirt far beyond the entry mats. Also, paws can sink further into carpeting, allowing particles to go deeper into carpet fibers. So, when it comes time to vacuum, you may not be removing the lower-level grime.

Relieving themselves…
No matter what level of training your pet has, there is always a risk of dog and cat urine on your office flooring. Or maybe your pooch has that favorite chair of his that he can’t help but relief himself on. If caught, urine can be cleaned right away, however, professional cleaning services will ensure that your workplace is completely devoid of urine stains and odor.

Whether it’s due to a hot day, or your pet is getting lots of petting from a coworker, dogs tend to excrete mass amounts of saliva. Their salivary glands are where they sweat, where they slobber out of hunger, and where they just drool because, well, they just drool. Regardless of the reason, pet saliva has chemicals that can damage carpet fibers and furniture if not cleaned properly and regularly.

Your pets are important to you, and we’re happy that they’re able to accompany you to work. Since pets will do their own thing, make sure you have a cleaning plan in place to keep your business beautiful and clean. For carpet and floor cleaning in Pittsburgh, PA, contact ServiceMaster Clean® today!


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