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Keep Up with Your Commercial Cleaning in Pittsburgh as Part of “Staying Healthy Month”

January 22nd, 2015 · 1 Comment

ServiceMaster Professional Building Maintenance reminds all business owners to keep employees healthy through clean work environments.

January is “Staying Healthy Month!” Did someone somewhere make this up? Well of course, but that doesn’t make it any less important. Keeping your employees healthy during a rough season of cold, coughs, and other common illnesses is difficult. However, by applying regular commercial cleaning plans, you may be able to fight that battle and keep everyone at 100%. ServiceMaster Professional Building Maintenance knows the effects of an unclean workspace, which is why we’ve dedicated ourselves to safe and effective commercial cleaning methods for businesses in Pittsburgh, PA.

According to the Integrated Benefits Institute, employee illness costs businesses $576 billion a year. A third of that amount, or approximately $227 billion, is lost due to employee absenteeism from illness. Also included in this absenteeism is what some researchers have labeled “presenteeism.” This means that while some employees try to work despite their illness, their performance is greatly affected, causing less productivity. Remaining dollars lost are derived from health costs that come from medical treatment and pharmacy related costs.

So how do business owners keep more money in their pockets? Simply put, keep your employees healthy! One of the easier ways of doing this is to keep the work environment clean. Continuous employee and customer interactions greatly increase the susceptibility of illness and the spread of illness. For larger organizations, one could argue that the environment becomes similar to that of a school. Many aspects of the office are communal such as bathrooms, kitchenettes, office equipment, desks, chairs, and plenty of other surfaces. In order to maintain the cleanliness and sanitation of these areas, the proper products, procedures, and regularity of cleanings are crucial.

That is where a professional commercial cleaning company comes in. Companies like ServiceMaster Professional Building Maintenance have a team of experienced and specifically trained professionals that are proficient in office cleaning methods. Our team uses environment and people-safe products that will not only get the job done, but will also be safe on those with heightened sensitivities to chemicals. Our regularly scheduled commercial cleaning plans include the sanitization of all areas of your business, so you can be sure that your work environment is the cleanest possible. The cleaning plans we offer are also affordable and complement a wide range of budgets. Not to mention you will be saving money due to a reduction in employee absenteeism.

Keep your business environment clean and, more importantly, healthy for your employees and customers. Contact ServiceMaster Professional Building Maintenance today to get started with your commercial cleaning in Pittsburgh, PA. Have a Happy “Staying Healthy” Month!


One response to “Keep Up with Your Commercial Cleaning in Pittsburgh as Part of “Staying Healthy Month””

  1. Guy Gardener says:

    Yes, keeping your employees healthy and work spaces clean should be one of the top five priorities. For employers I mean. You will get a lot more out of you employees when they are healthy and clean.

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