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So, What Does “Green Cleaning” Even Mean?

June 27th, 2014 · No Comments

If you want real green cleaning in Pittsburgh, PA, ServiceMaster Professional Building Services is the only call you need to make.

The word “green” can mean a lot of things nowadays. It seems to be thrown around for the sake of publicity, or like it’s just some kind of fad. From our standpoint it feels like potential customers, shopping for janitorial services who offer eco-friendly products or green cleaning in Pittsburgh, PA, might find themselves confronted with many choices. So, which company should you trust to go beyond the hype?

With the power of our company’s size and experience, ServiceMaster Professional Building Maintenance has been able to lead the way in green cleaning technology. This means we develop our own green solutions and methods; we don’t just switch over to another company’s product to sell more business. We test our products to deliver identical results to traditional cleaning chemicals and methods. We will not offer an inferior level of clean just to compete with those who will. We believe that green cleaning is not just a fad, but the way things should be, and have invested our best efforts in creating proprietary technology that truly works.

Becoming a green cleaning company, to us, is about more than just changing what is in our bottles to be more environmentally friendly. We also want to protect you, your employees, and your customers! Our Capture & Removal Cleaning® system uses team cleaning techniques and advanced microfiber and vacuum technology to fundamentally change not just what we are cleaning with, but how we approach cleaning as a whole. With ServiceMaster Professional Building Maintenance, you can drastically reduce your workplace’s indoor air pollution when compared to traditional cleaning methods.

We didn’t just change the stuff in the bottle or throw a green sticker on it. ServiceMaster’s size has kept us on the cutting edge, and the personal service you can expect from ServiceMaster Professional Building Maintenance will keep your office clean and truly green. Call us to schedule your green cleaning in Pittsburgh, PA today.


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