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Spring Break Means Spring School Cleaning in Pittsburgh, PA

March 29th, 2014 · No Comments

From elementary schools to college and universities | Pittsburgh PA school cleaning by ServiceMaster Clean

The Spring season is upon us, which means that schools in Pittsburgh, PA, have a small break before students come barreling back down the hallways. If your school has been putting off getting a commercial cleaning company to handle all of the necessary janitorial services, now is a great time to do it! The scuffed up hallways, salt-laden carpets, and stained tables and desks are just a few of the many areas that are difficult to clean with hordes of children and students running amok. But when the buildings are quiet, it’s time to take back the school and get it cleaned right!

ServiceMaster Professional Building Maintenance is a commercial cleaning company that specializes in educational facility cleaning in Pittsburgh, PA. We clean all types of schools including private, public, and vocational schools, as well as buildings and dormitories of colleges and universities. It is important to us that your students spend time within a clean, healthy environment.

Pittsburgh schools, like most large cities, can be overcrowded. This presents additional school cleaning challenges. Unlike a home or small office, bacteria and dirt accumulate more quickly in a school environment. It’s not unreasonable to say that adolescents, and especially young children, can be a bit gross. They carry germs from the outdoors, their friends, and who knows where, and the bacteria spreads through the school like a wildfire. That is why it’s best to have year-round janitorial services done in these facilities, and having a thorough cleaning performed during spring break will help create a clean slate for your students and staff.

A deep cleaning of your educational facility means that we will clean from top to bottom to ensure that your students come back to the healthiest, cleanest school possible. Some of the janitorial services you can expect from ServiceMaster Professional Building Maintenance include:

o Vacuuming and shampooing carpets
o Waxing hardwood floors
o Polishing equipment
o Dusting and sanitizing all surfaces
o Cleaning air ducts
o Removing waste
o And so much more!

Going to a dirty school every day can not only make students, teachers, and staff sick, but also keep them from wanting to help out with keeping their own school space clean. A clean environment promotes student learning and reduces the amount of student and teacher absences. ServiceMaster Professional Building Maintenance offers on-going janitorial services in Pittsburgh, PA, as well as one-time cleaning needs. Give your employees and students a break, while they’re on theirs, and call ServiceMaster Professional Building Maintenance. Get your school clean – ServiceMaster Clean!


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